18 x 29,5 cm



 De Westertoren



Eric Armitage; I moved to Amsterdam 14 years ago. I have been drawing, painting, photographing and collecting images my whole life. While at the University of Washington getting a degree in art, I specialized in textile design, photography and combining the two.

Between then and now I lived in California for around 10 years. Mostly in San Francisco and mostly in the world of Textiles. While working for others creating, designing, producing and selling, I always continued with my art and it’s direction. I still get inspiration there with it’s endless miles of public beaches, facing a vast open ocean, backed up by mountains.

All of my paintings were made here, in Amsterdam, with a hand made linseed oil paint I make on the weekends I work at the Rembrandt House Museum. These paints have been made in Rembrandt’s studio using the same recipes as the master himself. Simple cold pressed linseed is mixed with natural pigments from stones, minerals and other earthen materials to create all these colours. The pallet is the same as Rembrandt’s simple 14 colour pallet, with exception of substitutions for costly or toxic materials. I usually make a black and white pen drawing which acts as my study on the form and light in the image. You can see even more work on my website; . There are more painting, lots of drawing and etchings.


Eric Armitage