Distorted Realities: The Stage (2018)
75 x 86 x 75 cm

Title: Social Sculpture
Year: 2012
Material: textile, polyester, cotton, polyester staple fiber
Installation differentiates in size ( from 1 mt W /5 mt L)

Neil Fortune’s multifarious works embraces drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations, public-performances. He sets up environments to question conventions; re-thinking them by creating objects and producing situations. Inherent to his practice, the audience becomes part of the work, which may often creates an eruption within the frame of an exhibition context. Through his haptic sculptural work he generates moments that will allow you to slow down, to rethink your role and position towards his installations and the spaces they inhabit. Fortune environments create proposition that is not clearly defined. For within the formulation of these environments new possibilities arise. With Fortune current solo exhibition Distorted Reality in the Polar Room at W139, he creates a stage built-up from a number of objects and situation that engage us in an ambivalent relationship to their surroundings. At times they may feel uncertain as to their material quality or origin. Distorted Reality emphasizes the added value of evocative and physical experiences, engaging you in a dialogue with the works.

Neil Fortune